About Neil Scrivener

Neil Scrivener - Neil's One World

My Background

My professional background is in major global events and high-end hospitality (see my other website). However, I have also worked with airlines at management level on Service, Training, Cabin Crew excellence, Customer Service, and other areas of airline management.

As someone self-employed I am always open to new opportunities. If my eye for detail or background may interest your airline in setting standards for excellence – please drop me a note?

Why Blog?

There are many other other Blogs which are more US-centric, so have prices in $USD and refer to Credit Cards you can only get in the USA. Because of this, I figured I could offer something different, going the other way – and in £GBP.

I’m not a food or wine connoisseur (or snob) – so, I tend to either work or sleep on the plane. Because of this, I look at flights on a practical level for business travelers, or those looking to travel for pleasure – as opposed to comparing them to afternoon tea in Dorchester or a bedroom in the Ritz.

I do travel with many different airlines – and will point out the differences (good and bad).

Strangely, I tend to find myself in all kinds of weird and wonderful situations in airports – so I’ll review my customer service experience!

My Travel Patterns

Generally, I find myself on a mixture of short-haul to Europe and long-haul to the US – with a bit of travel to the Far East and beyond, too.

In advance, I should apologize that my pictures are either bad, or sometimes non-existent. This is because I forget, sometimes!

You’ll also see that I’ve borrowed the OneWorld phrase as that is my preferred alliance…..at the moment!

A few fun facts;

Base Airport: London Heathrow

Alliance: OneWorld (BA, American, Cathay, Qatar, Qantas, Finn Air, JAL, etc)

Status: BA Gold (OneWorld Emerald)

Favourite Plane: Boeing 747-400

Favourite Airline: Pass

Favourite Route: LAX -> LHR

Do keep an eye out and/or subscribe to my posts – and if you’re an airline, feel free to reach out too!