LAX – Terminal 4 – Admirals Club Terminal 4 – Airline Lounge Review

Terminal 4, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Based on Visit: 4 January 2022 approx. 11:30am to 13:30pm


Here’s my review of my visit to the American Airlines Admirals Club in LAX’s Terminal 4. I have been here prior to Covid-19 and it was divided into three distinct areas (1) Admirals Club and (2) Flagship Business Lounge and (3) Flagship First Lounge.

I found that the Admirals Club and Flagship Lounge have been merged (by opening adjoining internal doors) to create a larger Admirals Club. The Flagship Business Lounge is effectively mothballed, as is the Flagship First Dining area.

I, therefore, am reviewing this Lounge based on how it presently is constructed as a huge Admirals Lounge – and when the Flagship Business Area comes back and/or Flagship First I shall re-review. I seem to spend a lot of time in LAX!

Entry Conditions

If you’re flying First domestically, or First or Business Internationally you can access the Admirals Club – as well as being a Sapphire or Emerald member of the OneWorld alliance.

How to Get There

I’d just come back San Jose arriving at 52 Gates Island (of which there is also an Admirals Club). There is a bus which takes you to either Terminal 4 or Terminal 5. I took the Terminal 4 bus.

Once in the Terminal 4 concourse, you’ll find the frosted glass doors opposite Gate 40, and once your boarding pass is scanned it’s a trip in the elevator.

Neil Scrivener reviews the American Airlines Admirals Club at Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Terminal 4.

Previously, when exciting the elevator, someone would re-check your ticket and inform you whether you go to the Admirals Club or the Flagship Business. However, I found that this doesn’t happen as there is it’s now all one big lounge.


Because the Admirals Club and Flagship Business lounges have been joined, this is now one HUGE lounge!

There are so many areas for working, sitting, dining, watching TV and sleeping!

I found there were quite a few conference rooms and conferencing facilities – as well as various children’s areas.

Throughout the Lounge there were many self-service drinks and snack stations – as well as a main bar.

One of the really nice things about this lounge is that it has huge glass windows overlooking the airport, and has high ceilings – so it felt really light, airy and open.  

As most Admirals Clubs are, in focus cities for American Airlines, it previously was very busy – and the merger between the Admirals Club and the Flagship Business Lounge seemed to reduce the crowding somewhat.

Food and Drink


In previous years, the Flagship Business Lounge had a large self-service buffet station with lunch or dinner type food. Beef, chicken, rice, fries, etc

Since the merger of the Admirals Club, this buffet station has now become an extension of the Admirals Club offering. This, of course is cheese cubes, some soups, fruit, cookies, etc.

So, the food is ‘standard’ at the Admirals Club – and the Flagship Business food done away with.


There is a large bar on the ‘Admirals Club side’, which offers basic free drinks and premium paid drinks.

For the purpose of this review, the lounge in its current state (as an Admirals Club) is acceptable. However, if I was flying Business Class on American Airlines and this was all I had as an offering – I wouldn’t be too happy at all!

I also certainly wouldn’t be too happy if I had booked a First ticket, and the First dining experience was not available!

Neil Scrivener reviews the American Airlines Admirals Club at Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Terminal 4.

If you don’t like cheese cubes, or you’re bored of them – you can order food from the paid menu.

Neil Scrivener reviews the American Airlines Admirals Club at Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Terminal 4.


Wifi was pretty good! I did a Conference Call whilst in the Lounge, and my signal was great with no issues.


Unfortunately, however, “due to Covid” the showers have been temporarily closed. This appears to be a California State thing. Whether this extends to DWF, MIA, ORD, etc I shall be finding out soon.

Neil Scrivener reviews the American Airlines Admirals Club at Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Terminal 4.


It’s fair to say that when going to an Admirals Club you know what you’re going to get. Cheese cubes. Admirals Clubs are really bolt holes for people traveling internally within the US with status to grab a drink for a few minutes and relax.

I found that the Admirals Club was far less busy than it usually is, and with the merger of the Flagship Business Lounge there were a lot more places to sit/relax/work. So in some respects it’s a positive thing.

With that said, the Admirals Club in Terminal 5 is extremely quiet! It’s a good 15 minute walk from Terminal 4 – but pays dividends in how quiet it is.

However, looking at it from the other perspective – if I had paid to go Flagship Business, and this was my reduced lounge service – I’d be very disappointed.


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