CPH – Terminal 2 – Carlsberg Aviator Lounge – Airline Lounge Review – Copenhagen

Terminal 2, Copenhagen Airport, Denmark


This is my review of the Aviator Lounge in Copenhagen’s airport in Denmark.

I’d previously visited this lounge in a different incarnation, and it seems to have been taken over (or at least sponsored) by Carlsberg.

This lounge is by A-Gates on the Schengen side of of the airport – and once you’re in the non-Schengen side you’re at the point of no return!

Just over the road is the Aspire Lounge, which is a lot bigger and a lot less busier – I soon decided to move there after becoming frustrated with this one!


20th October 2022 at 18:30

Opening Hours

The lounge is open daily between 05:00 and 20:00.

Entry Conditions

The exact details of lounge access are slightly unclear. I was able to get in on my Priority Pass.

There may be other methods, such as Diners Club, Lounge Key and a bunch of other access cards will get you in.

Alternatively, I believe it is possible to pay on the door for around 299DKK, which is about £30.

How to Get There

Walking towards A-Gates, and you’ll probably see it in front of you. Otherwise, it’s up the elevators next to O’Learys.

Neil Scrivener reviews the Carlsberg Aviator Lounge in Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport in Denmark, accessed via a Priority Pass.


In general terms, I quite liked this lounge. It has a nice decor, very nice woody and modern feeling – however it is incredibly small, and difficult to find somewhere to sit. There is fair amount of casual and bench style seating.

For working and dining, there are quite a few high-table areas.

There is also an almost ‘meeting room’ area, which was being used by people to conduct a meeting.

Neil Scrivener reviews the Carlsberg Aviator Lounge in Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport in Denmark, accessed via a Priority Pass.

And that, unfortunately, was pretty much it!

Food and Drink


All drinks in the lounge are self-service.

There is a coffee machine and soft drinks machine.

If you fancy something stronger there is a self-service beer tap (serving Carlsberg, of course!), along with a small array of spirits and wines.


I guess Carlsberg would argue that the food is Danish……….I’d say it’s a little more primitive than that.

Some salad, cheeses, cold meats. It’s typical Priority Pass food – nothing really of substance.


I found the Wifi here to be pretty good, with no speed issues at all.


No showers are available in this lounge.


This lounge itself is nice in its layout, decor and airiness.

However, when I attended it was October half term for Denmark – and that gave rise to large amounts of children treating the lounge as a playground, with the parents quite happy sipping their Carlsberg, pretending not to notice. The lounge was also otherwise extremely busy. In the end, this drove me to move to the Aspire Lounge!

School holidays aside, with some improvement on the F&B – this could be a very nice lounge indeed!

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