CPH – Terminal 2 – Eventyr Lounge – Airline Lounge Review – Copenhagen

Non-Schengen Area, Terminal 2, Copenhagen Airport, Denmark


This is my review of the Eventyr Lounge, which is situated on the Non-Schengen side of Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport.

It’s an important point to make, as if you fancy visiting other lounges, or doing some shopping – this should be factored in before going into the Non-Schengen side, as you can’t back through!

For what it’s worth, this is actually my favourite lounge at Copenhagen – and this lounge has some really nice views too!


20th October 2022 at 19:30

Opening Hours

The lounge is open daily between 05:30 and until the last BA flight leaves for Heathrow.

In my case, I was on the last BA flight of the day, which was delayed – and the lounge kept open.

Entry Conditions

I believe anyone flying in Business Class or First Class from the Non-Schengen area is allowed entry into the lounge.

Priority Pass members are also allowed in, which is how I got in. Whether the lounge accepts BA Gold/Silver members I’m not sure!

How to Get There

Once you’re through Schengen head towards Gate C26, and opposite that you’ll see the corridor that takes you to the elevator. It’s a looooooong way up the stairs, so I recommend that you take the elevator when you can!

Once you’re out of the elevator, you’ll see the entrance to the lounge in front of you!

Neil Scrivener reviews the Eventyr Lounge in Copenhagen Airport's Terminal 2, Non-Schengen Area.


The decor of the lounge is very high-end. The seating and general feel of the lounge is very high quality – and the lounge offers some great views of the apron, and beyond that, the runway.

Most of the seating is casual sealing, with quite a lot of dining seating too.

On my visit, the lounge was eerily quiet, and as it got dark – the lounge felt quite dark because of the lighting. However, I’m not complaining at all! I am happy with a quiet dark lounge!

All the tables by the windows have charging built into them, which I was happy about! But there is nowhere for working specifically, or sleeping!

Towards the back of the lounge, next to the toilets there is a TV wall with rolling news channels.

Neil Scrivener reviews the Eventyr Lounge in Copenhagen Airport's Terminal 2, Non-Schengen Area.

Food and Drink


The drinks in the lounge are generous with self-serve options for beers, wines, soft drinks and caffeine.

I was glad to be able to try a number of Carlsberg’s offerings and enjoyed them all!


The lounge had on offer two hot dishes – chili and chicken curry. I was looking forward to my chili until I realised it had sweetcorn in – and was vegan! This disappointed me, as I’d had a non-stop day and a proper chili and beer is just what the end of the day called for!

Alternative options included salad, cheese, bread and cold meats.

Neil Scrivener reviews the Eventyr Lounge in Copenhagen Airport's Terminal 2, Non-Schengen Area.

The only thing missing (in my view) from the food offering was any decent desert options!


I found the Wifi here to be pretty good, with no speed issues at all.


A shower is available in this lounge. When I enquired I was given a price of 50DKK – which is about £5. It’s not the outrageous £20 or £25 charged by the Plaza Premium Lounge in Heathrow’s Terminal 2 – but the principle of it was enough to put me off.


Having visited the Aspire Lounge and the Carlsberg Aviator Lounge in the Schengen Zone, I found this lounge to be peaceful and tranquil. I also thought the lounge had some nice views, decent drinks choices – and some OK food.

The food (and the showers) were a bit of a letdown – but it’s still my preferred lounge, and I’ll skip the others next time!

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