DOH – Terminal 1 – Al Maha – Airline Lounge Review

Terminal 1, Hamad International Airport, Doha

Last Visit: 20 March 2022 approx. 7am


This is my review of the Al Maha Lounge at Hamad International Airport, Doha.

The Lounge is an ‘alternative’ to passengers who may not be flying in premium cabins with Qatar Airways, or flying with other airlines.

Entry Conditions

Exactly what the entry conditions are appear to be slightly vague. Primarily, this lounge is for Priority Pass holders – which is how I got in. However, seemingly Qatar Airways sell a service called Al Maha Services, and according to their website, OneWorld members can also get in with the usual conditions.

Seemingly, aside from Priority Pass, Diners Lounge, Lounge Key – and possibly Dragon Pass members can access the lounge.

How to Get There

Well, this is an easy lounge to find! Find the big yellow teddy, and stand in front of it.

Neil Scrivener reviews the Priority Pass Al Maha Lounge at Doha Hamad International Airport, Qatar.

Behind it to the left you will see a pair of escalators. Head up those escalators and you’re there!

Once you’re at the top, you’ll check in with the Desk – and you can then either go left or right.

Neil Scrivener reviews the Priority Pass Al Maha Lounge at Doha Hamad International Airport, Qatar.


This is somewhat of a modest lounge, it’s fair in size, with a variety of seating. There is a series of lounge seating, chair seating, a smoking room – and a dining area.

In general terms, the decor is high-end (much higher end than those I’ve seen in other Priority Lounges) – and the seating very comfortable!

Food and Drink


Starting with the food, it was pretty basic when I visited! Everything was self service, with no option for any hot or served food. With that said, the self-service areas was continually monitored and regularly re-stocked.

There is a chilled fridge with various items in, and a breakfast station with bagels, muffins and so forth.

Having popped into the Al Mourjan Lounge a little while earlier, I couldn’t help but notice some of the dishes were actually the same, in slightly different packaging!

Neil Scrivener reviews the Priority Pass Al Maha Lounge at Doha Hamad International Airport, Qatar.


Drinks were also self-service, again rather modest in variety! A fridge with a variety of soft drinks, coupled with a single choice of beer (Budweiser), and a single choice of red and white wine. No sparking wine or champagne to be found, either!


Unless I did something very wrong, Wifi seemed to be accessed throughout the airport by phone number, boarding pass or WhatsApp. This appeared to be generic throughout all lounges and all areas of the airport.

The Wifi seemed pretty good, I managed to get into my emails, etc. However, I didn’t download or upload anything too heavy.


Showers are seemingly booked by asking one of the toilet attendants. How many showers there are, I am not sure!

When I enquired, I was told it needed to be cleaned and it would be ready in 5 minutes.

Seemingly, the showers are the same throughout – they looked identical to the Al Mourjan Lounge and the Arrivals Lounge, with the same products!


Like many of the non-airline lounges, this lounge was modest in size and in its facilities. I don’t know if any airlines send their passengers here, but I would be disappointed if airlines used it as a Business Class Lounge.

However, I was impressed by the decor, quality in general terms, and the showers. But wasn’t particularly impressed by the food and beverage!

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