LAS – Terminal 3/D-Gates– Centurion Lounge – Airline Lounge Review

Terminal 3/D-Gates, Las Vegas Airport


This is my review of the Centurion Lounge at Las Vegas International Airport – which is by American Express.

I was flying on Alaska Airlines, who had failed to renew their contract with any lounge at Las Vegas – so this was Plan B, after visiting the fairly poor Club at LAS by E-Gates.

I’d previously reviewed the Centurion Lounge in Seattle, so was excited to see what this one had to offer – and I wasn’t disappointed!  

Opening Times

The lounge is open daily from 05:00 to 21:00.

Entry Conditions

American Express have many different cards, which seemingly have different allowances depending on the country they are issued in.

In my case, I had a UK-based Platinum American Express, which gained me access for me and a plus one.

One thing I would say was slightly odd, was when checking in it was around 4 hours before my flight, and the agent made a point of this saying I should go to the Priority Pass lounge at D-Gates. I wasn’t quite sure what the point the agent was making – but it appeared to be that the lounge had a maximum stay of 3 hours; and that I needed to therefore come back in an hour. This appeared to ignore the fact that I may decide to leave before the three hours was up (it’s possible to visit a lounge with a 3-hour cap more than 3 hours before your flight). In the end, I ignored what he said, and went through to the lounge anyway.

How to Get There

The Centurion Lounge can be found opposite Gate D1, or next to Gate D4 – you can’t miss it!

Neil Scrivener reviews the American Express Centurion Lounge at Las Vegas Harry Reid/McCarran Airport's Terminal 3/E-Gates.

The entrance is actually quite nice!


Compared to the lounge in Seattle, this lounge is very sizable. The lounge has a much larger and wider layout. I visited the lounge around 4:30pm, and it was pretty busy – however there were places to sit available.

There is plenty of different seating available – this mainly consists of lounge seating, with views over the airport.

For those eating, there is a ‘dining hall’ with lots of high-table seating.

If you want to work, there are a number of ‘pods’, a high table, a couple of ‘phone rooms’, and also a multi-purpose room.

Many of the tables and the multi-purpose room were marked as being “reserved”, so I’m not sure how it’s possible to do that – but at a later point there were some people using the multi-purpose room I’m pretty sure worked for Google – so it may be for corporations to pre-book.

One thing I really like about the Centurion Lounge is the ‘seating’ pods it has with charging facilities and a table. This offers an individual a space for working, whilst being sort of quiet and private, despite being next to each other.

Neil Scrivener reviews the American Express Centurion Lounge at Las Vegas Harry Reid/McCarran Airport's Terminal 3/E-Gates.

Food and Drink


Starting with the drinks – there is a full-service bar available. As I noted from my review in Seattle, there is a sizable drinks menu, and certainly there is anything one could ever want from the menu! Everything is included.  

My only issue is that soft drinks were also from the bar, which meant queuing for the bar for a Coke – and the queue could get long! There was however self-service coffee and water – but it would have been less of a bottleneck if there were soda fountains.


There was a range (sort of) of hot food. This was pasta, curry, rice and some other bits and pieces.

There was also fair sized salad bar, if you want something more healthy!

This lounge is unlikely to win any culinary awards – but it’s a lot better than offered in The Club!  


I found the Wifi to be very good, it was very fast indeed – and much appreciated as I had a tonne of work to do!


I believe there is a single shower in this lounge, but to use it one needs to enquire at the reception. I didn’t need to use it – but it’s noted if I do next time!   

Neil Scrivener reviews the American Express Centurion Lounge at Las Vegas Harry Reid/McCarran Airport's Terminal 3/E-Gates.


For a non-airline lounge in America, Centurion Lounges really do knock it out of the park.

Their food could be improved somewhat, but compared to many lounges in America – it’s miles ahead in terms of food, décor and style! And of course, the drinks menu is excellent!     

I am still perplexed at the whole 3-hour limit thing, especially as I went to get some fries from Carls Jr at E-Gates before my flight, and left well before my 3 hours was up to do so – so I’ll put it down to a misunderstanding!


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