Qatar Airways Qsuite – (Window, Rear Facing)


This is my review of Qatar Airways‘ Qsuite, sitting in seat 3A, which is a backwards facing seat on my flights from Heathrow to Qatar.

The Qsuite  

Neil Scrivener reviews Qatar Airways' QSuite from London Heathrow to Hamad International Airport, Doha.

Qsuite features closing doors, huge amounts of space, lay flat bed and a large entertainment screen. In general terms, I wasn’t disappointed!

Firstly, the seat itself is extremely comfortable. There are multiple controls, which allow the seat to be controlled in a number of ways – and a few ‘hot keys’ for landing, eating, lay flat, etc.

In the Qsuite there was what is effectively a side counter which already had bedding, amenities kit and pillows waiting for me. There was also a USB socket, multi-voltage mains socket – and curiously a HDMI socket and a contactless card reader!

I rarely talk about bedding – but this is certainly worth taking about! The bedding was really soft and very comfortable. Two pillows were provided – one which matched the bedding and another which had a slogan on it – a welcome bit of personality, compared to other airlines who give you a plain white pillow!

The table was also extremely good quality – it was rock solid! I often complain about Club World and even Club Suites as having ‘bendy’ tables, which is annoying for eating and for putting a laptop on. However, this was so rock solid – I could have stood on it!

Neil Scrivener reviews Qatar Airways' QSuite from London Heathrow to Hamad International Airport, Doha.

The doors of the Qsuite fully closed, and once closed the area was very private – but still felt like there was plenty of space.

To the side of the seat there was a storage unit, which opened up for storage. Inside was already a water bottle, headphones, and a sick bag. There was a fair amount of storage.

Neil Scrivener reviews Qatar Airways' QSuite from London Heathrow to Hamad International Airport, Doha.

Above my seat was a reading light and air nozzles! This I was hugely pleased about, as BA seem to have removed these from their aircraft, meaning that I can often get hot and bothered!

If the high-end quality of Qsuite wasn’t enough, there is a video which plays pre-takeoff explaining where all the buttons are, where the storage is, and generally how Qsuite works. This just adds that extra ‘edge’ to the quality of the product. I was impressed!!

In general terms the Qsuite is a stunning product, extremely high quality. BUT, there were two problems I found with the design, both relating to storage.

The first is that I like to take my shoes off during the flight and there was nowhere to store them! BA’s Club Suite has storage space under the foot rest – but Qsuite did not – so I put them in the overhead locker as the side storage part was too small.

The second issue is that there was nowhere to store my laptop. This is an issue I have with BA’s Club Suite too (but not with their ‘old’ Club World). Again – I like to unpack pre-takeoff and get ready, but on this occasion I did have to get back up due to lack of storage.

You could call me lazy – but in my view these things do matter – especially at the price tag Qatar Airlines charge!


The Qsuite is on any level exceptional, and has perfect touches. It isn’t perfect but it’s pretty close!

My storage issues aside, I was very impressed by this – and would undoubtably be looking for Codeshare flights with Qatar Airlines on my next journeys!


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