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This is my review of the Qatar Airways Premium Lounge at Terminal 1 of Singapore’s Changi Airport.

I’d suggest this is probably a close second to the Qantas First Lounge in terms of the best lounges at Terminal 1 – however there is a bit of a problem:

Currently, Qatar Airways operate a 17:40 from Singapore to Doha……..but the lounge doesn’t open until 18:00. The reason for this is somewhat of a mystery, but self-evidently it left a few of the Qatar-destined passengers disappointed! Although with that said, access would be available to the extremely good Qantas Business Lounge.


15th October 2022 at 18:00

Opening Hours

According to the OneWorld website, the lounge is open daily from 18:00 to 03:00.

However, other sources suggest it’s open from 17:55 to 02:40 – but on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays open from 07:25 to 10:25 in addition.

Entry Conditions

This lounge is open to passengers traveling with Qatar Airways in First Class or Business Class, or to OneWorld Sapphire and Emerald members.

How to Get There

After Passport Control, take a left and head towards B and C Gates.

In front of you at the end of the concourse you’ll see an escalator and a huge “Transfer Lounge C” sign.

Neil Scrivener reviews the Qatar Airways Lounge in Singapore's Changi Airport at Terminal 1.

Go up the escalators, and you’ll see the entrance to the lounge around to your left.

Neil Scrivener reviews the Qatar Airways Lounge in Singapore's Changi Airport at Terminal 1.


The first thing to say is that this lounge is extremely nicely laid out!

Walking into the lounge you’ll see an area with casual seating and a television area in it. Also in this area are a couple of work stations for any work you may need to do.

Continuing into the lounge, you’ll find some ‘pods’, which I really like! They’re great for working, sleeping and resting! Being really private too, if you can bag one for long layovers they’re ideal!

Beyond the pod seats is a dining area. With Qatar Airways being their usual attentive selves, the second I sat down, I was offered a hot towel!

Beyond the dining area is more seating, and also the bar.

Food and Drink


Drinks are either self-service from the various fridges dotted around, or bar service. Naturally, there was pretty much every and any type of drink you could ever ask for!


On the food side, there were two options available.

The first option was to order from the menu. The QR code opened the menu, but naturally, the order was taken by a server.

There seemed some nice options on the menu, but nothing I really fancied eating at that point in time.

Another option was for more ‘picky bits’ from the self-served buffet. The buffet had a good range of snacks, brilliantly dressed – but anything hot needed to be ordered in the dining area.


As I’ve come to find with Qatar Airways, wifi was extremely fast and reliable, I had no issues connecting or using it.


The lounge has showers! I didn’t use them, but I can’t imagine they would be any less of a standard than Qatar’s excellence.


This is a fantastic lounge, and certainly hot competition for Qantas’ First Lounge.

The one thing I did find slightly awkward, was that I was literally the only person in there – and every time I moved or did something, the whole staff pounced on me to ask if they could help. On the one hand, this shows how excellent the training is by Qatar Airlines – but can be a little too much at times!

Singapore is a very unique airport – it’s rare that there are so many excellent lounges in the airport! This ranges from Qantas, BA and Qatar’s offerings!

I was definitely a kid in a sweetshop – and is another excellent lounge!

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