DUB – Terminal 1 – The Lounge – Airline Lounge Review

Terminal 1, Dublin International Airport, Ireland (DUB)

Based on Visit: 16 March 2022 (updated for visit on 16th September 2022 at 12:30)


This was a passing visit through Terminal 1, on my way to Heathrow Airport.

Dublin has two ‘sets’ of Lounges at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. I shall be reviewing the Terminal 2 Lounge shortly, when I fly with American Airlines.

As far as Terminal 1 is concerned there is one Lounge, so it’s used for multiple different airlines.

Entry Conditions

From what I could make out, this Lounge was accessible to anyone traveling from Terminal 1 (and possibly Terminal 2) in Business Class. Plus, I believe it is open to Status holders of virtually any airline that flies from Dublin – for example BA, American, SAS, Aer Lingus, etc.

Seemingly, entry can also be via Priority Pass, Dragon Pass, and so forth.

How to Get There

The first thing I would say is checking in at the BA desk, the Rep did not tell me where to find the Lounge – or even that there was one!

Neil Scrivener reviews The Lounge at Dublin Airport's Terminal 1

However, it is sign posted, and after Security. Once you’re through security, turn right towards Terminal 1’s gates, and it’s on the right – up some stairs between Security stations.


The Lounge is modest in size, and has two main ‘wings’.

On the one side there is the bar, food, dining tables, and some quite nice ‘pods’ – perfect for working and doing calls in.

The other side is more lounge based, and has a long desk for working. There is a printer – but nobody I could find knew how to use it!

Food and Drink


Food is somewhat modest. There is a large fridge full of sandwiches and cheese. Next to that is a counter which has crackers, bread, soup and a few other things. The other side is a counter of crisps, nuts and so forth. It’s kind of the standard you find in many European airport lounges – not great but just about acceptable.


Drinks are served from the bar, which is a little modest in size! However, drinks available were wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks. Naturally Guiness was on offer, or alternatively Heineken.

Neil Scrivener reviews The Lounge at Dublin Airport's Terminal 1


I actually had a business call to do whilst I was in the Lounge, so I used the Wifi for Zoom. The Wifi seemed pretty stable, and my call was good quality for the best part of 50 minutes.

Neil Scrivener reviews The Lounge at Dublin Airport's Terminal 1


I’d previously written in my initial review that there were no showers. On a re-visited in September 2022, I realised that in fact there was a single shower at the back of the men’s toilets (and I guess the same for the ladies). This is the state of it when I walked in.


This is a nice little lounge, great for a couple of hours of work whilst waiting for a European flight – it’s not a monster international lounge, and the catering was poor – but the drinks seemed to be plentiful – and it was very clean and tidy – and I Iook forward to going back soon.

Edited to add, on my next visit around 12:30 in September 2022, the lounge was absolutely rammed! There was a long queue to get in, and seats were of a premium. I’m not so thrilled about this lounge anymore!

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