ZRC – Terminal 2 – Aspire Lounge – Airline Lounge Review

Terminal 2, Zurich Airport, Switzerland

Based on Visit: 8 July 2022 approximately 16:00 to 18:00


This is my review of the Aspire Lounge in Terminal 2 of Zurich Airport, in Switzerland.

This review is based on my trilogy of lounges that I visited in Zurich – I having flown in and due to depart on flights operated by Swiss to Brussels– which I review here.

I’d previously visited the Swiss Air Business Class Lounge, and also the Swiss Air Alpine Lounge, and as I had plenty of time – decided to visit this lounge too!

Entry Conditions

This, I have to say is a slight mystery!

Outside the door is a large board, which states what entry is allowed into the lounge. However, there are two lounges an Aspire Lounge and a Marhaba Lounge – and I am not 100% sure if the labels below those signs are correct.

I’d previously reviewed a Marhaba Lounge when I traveled back from Dubai.

Neil Scrivener reviews the Aspire Lounge at Zurich Airport (Switzerland), while flying Swiss Air.

In short, as I understand it, Priority Pass members can access the lounge, as can Diners Club, Dragon Pass and Lounge Key……I think!

How to Get There

Zurich Airport seems to be a bit of a mess of Terminals and Gates.

However, from what I can gather there are two Aspire Lounges. I was at Gate E, on the top level of the departures floor.

Heading towards Gate E52 and E53, you’ll find the door to the lounge.  

Neil Scrivener reviews the Aspire Lounge at Zurich Airport (Switzerland), while flying Swiss Air.

From here it’s up the stairs (or in the elevator) to the top, where you’ll check in at the desks.

Neil Scrivener reviews the Aspire Lounge at Zurich Airport (Switzerland), while flying Swiss Air.


Seemingly, this lounge is split into two parts. When checking in, I wasn’t informed of this!

Going to the right-hand side of the check in desks takes you to a modest sized lounge, with mostly casual seating, and some high-tables with stools looking into the airport.

Going straight ahead at the check in desks takes you to a lighter lounge with perhaps a bit more space.

There were also a few ‘pods’ to work from, unlike the right-hand side. Unfortunately, you can see, there was a severe lack of cleaning going on!

Neil Scrivener reviews the Aspire Lounge at Zurich Airport (Switzerland), while flying Swiss Air.

The good news was, unlike the Swiss Air Business Class lounge, I was easily able to find a seat to work from!

Food and Drink


Whether you go the right-hand side, or continue straight – there is self-service drinks in both places.


Food seemed to be slightly different between the sides. In the right-hand lounge was a mixture of snacks and hot food.

However, on the straight lounge was hot and cold food, but (as far as I could see), the offering was smaller to the lounge on the right.

Options for the self-served food included;

  • Cheese spaetzle
  • Salad
  • Rice
  • Fruit

That’s about it! The food wasn’t hot, nor was it proactively re-stocked, nor was it tasty – but I do have to remember I was in Switzerland – the Swiss like the Germans are not known for their cooking!

Next to the drinks stations there was some nuts and crisps.


This lounge offers no Wifi, to get onto the internet is is necessary to use the Airport wifi.


This lounge offers no Showers.


Priority Passes in my experience do not offer a particularly high quality of lounge experience. Certainly, this lounge most definitely failed to do that in every way possible!

Not having a dedicated Wifi connection, offering single-choice barely hot food, failing to clean the lounge regularly – all amounted to a swift walk back to the Alpine Lounge!

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