ZRC – Terminal 2 – Swiss Air Business Lounge – Airline Lounge Review

Terminal 2, Zurich Airport, Switzerland

Based on Visit: 8 July 2022 approximately 15:00 to 15:15


This is my review of the Swiss Air Business Class Lounge.

I’ll start by saying that I was generally very impressed with design and the layout of the lounge – however, it was absolutely rammed, and there was nowhere to sit – and after taking some photos for this review I was out of there and into the Alpine Lounge!

In complete fairness, I was warned by the check in agent it was busy, and she suggested if I could the Alpine Lounge was less busy.

Entry Conditions

This Lounge is available to Star Alliance Gold Members and passengers traveling in Business Class with either Swiss Air – or other Star Alliance partners.

Slightly strangely, this Lounge has a Senator Lounge directly next to it, and throughout the lounge there are glass partitions between the Business Class and Senator Lounge – a little strange to be honest!

How to Get There

Zurich Airport seems to be a bit of a mess of Terminals and Gates, which I really can’t get my head around!

However, from what I can gather this Lounge is technically at A-Gates, despite the fact that it is along the mezzanine top floor from E-Gates.

You’ll need to be on the top floor of departures to find the Lounge – but it is well sign posted.  

Neil Scrivener reviews the SwissAir Business Class in Zurich Airport's Terminal 2 a A-Gates.


This Lounge is split over three levels. I couldn’t help but notice that there were no lifts (elevators) or any way someone in a wheelchair could access the upper levels of the lounge – but perhaps I’m wrong!

Walking through the doors, you will check in, before making an immediate left.

After checking in, on your left you will see various sofas and casual seating options.

Neil Scrivener reviews the SwissAir Business Class in Zurich Airport's Terminal 2 a A-Gates.

Then, it’s up some stairs, which takes you to a large dining area.

Also in this dining area is a large ‘boardroom’ with screens and working space.

Neil Scrivener reviews the SwissAir Business Class in Zurich Airport's Terminal 2 a A-Gates.

There are also some ‘pods’ for phone calls and working – but only a few of these, which were of course taken up!

Neil Scrivener reviews the SwissAir Business Class in Zurich Airport's Terminal 2 a A-Gates.

Should the need arise, there is also a smoking area – but I didn’t manage to get any images, as this was also rammed!

Up even more stairs and through a door, there is quieter area with casual seating. There are also individual chairs with TV’s in front, which is a pretty cool idea!

Unfortunately, despite all these areas, I found absolutely nowhere to sit! Despite this the layout of the lounge, the spaces available and the thought put into it was highly impressive – it’s just a shame the lounge was so crowded!

Food and Drink


On the drinks side, everything is self-service.

There is a selection of different spirits, sodas and a beer tap. There is also a modest selection of wines available.


The food on the face of it seemed impressive. It’s rare to go to a lounge where there are live cooking stations – however the menu wasn’t quite great.

The menu has two soups offered;

  • Parsnip and Parsley
  • Celery and Pear

The other offerings included;

  • Chicken pasta
  • Tuna pasta
  • Toppings

If you’re vegetarian and want something substantial that’s more than soup, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed!

There are also some self-serve food bits and pieces, such as sweets, nuts, cheese and bread.

Sadly, despite the layout and cooking stations – the menu didn’t offer anything impressive – and given that I couldn’t find anywhere to sit, I wasn’t in a position to eat anything anyway!  


Due to my swift visit, I didn’t find any lounge Wifi.


I believe this lounge offers no Showers.


One thing I really liked about this lounge was the ‘find and explore’ element to it. The design is stylish and very modern. In that way, it’s a great lounge!

However, like my flights with Swiss, the food was a big let-down – despite the provado around the cooking stations.

The fact the lounge was so over-crowded was something that left me leaving very disappointed.

Luckily, the Alpine Lounge was a lot less busy, and also very plush – and a great alternative!

Alternatively, a Plan Z if you have a Priority Pass is the Aspire Lounge.  

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